Anonymous asked: "picture of juno please"


Beautiful Juneau, Alaska! Dunno why you wanted this anon, you could have just googled it

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Alfred: We’ll invite all our friends and family so they can all meet Juno proper. It’ll be so much fun! Just wait till Ivan hears about this!

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ha ha blaze it

ha ha blaze it

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I have never been more uncomfortable in my entire life.

Nevertheless, anon will have it’s wish.Their personalities are switched.

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I changed Juno’s tag to ‘aph juno’ o v o)b

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Alfred: I seriously didn’t give her a lot

Ivan: Obviously too much for her

*arguing continues*

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Ivan: What are you talking about? Do we need a doctor or a camera?


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Anonymous asked: "Matthew, why don't you call Arthur and Francis to help you watch Juno? They might be better with kids since they're experienced."

BAd Idea! If Arthur saw that Matt was taking care of Juno then he would immediately have gone to Alfred’s house and seen the 2p!s and that would just make him angry and confused. Considering the 2p!s personalities, everything would be 10 times worse then it already was. I wanted to say this before but here is now!

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vodkaliciousunflower asked: "so who likes the best, baby Juno? new Alfred or new Ivan?"

This is a really late answer but!! 2p!Alfred would like Juno more cause he has a soft spot for kids even though he has no clue how to take care of one. Much like 1p!Ivan