They proceeded to sit in for a week and a half. They’ve noticed that Juno shies away from the other kids, but they are working on it!

She sports a cozy star spangled sweater and tights that show off her ready-to-play-and-learn attitude.
Her parent comments, “If she doesn’t look like a back to school commercial, then we’re doing it wrong.”

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In the spirit of back to school month I present you with a thing

Ask Box Closed~

The dreaded day has come. The day I actually have to close my ask box!
It will re-open soon !! v o v)/

Anonymous asked: Not an ask just an admiration on those tags on the previous ask <3 Yes, you are amazing~

oh ha ha, thank  !! If I could tell you a story in the tags i would. Reading tags always sound scandalous in my mind

Anonymous asked: Wait, why weren't you wearing panties under your dress?

*he ripped out if those too* *Alfred didn’t and he’s still very very upset about it among other things* *I wouldn’t bring it up to him anymore*

He saved his dumb husband from total nudity, but at what cost?
Being a hero is a lot of work.

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Extremely embarrassed and upset Alfred wanted to savagely rip out of his dress too..

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They say that no one ever knows when Anya is joking

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Anya: Pull over soon, we need to put her in her car seat

Amelia: Oh yeah, almost forgot

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Anya: Currently we are in the bushes outside of Mattvey’s apartment.

Amelia: But only cause we need an attack strategy! Mattie won’t just hand over a kid to two chicks he doesn’t know.. Or at least, I don’t think he would..

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The period magic has lifted and set these gals free! The captions tell their story

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Having a loud argument about being a drug lord in an expensive looking car is a good idea.

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Anonymous asked: Hi there! I just wanted to say to Mun that it really makes my day every time I see the wedding bands drawn on a character. A lot of the times, artists forget that little detail. So it's nice to see. Thank you!

Thanks for noticing! I used to forget it a lot and cringe but I set a reminder for myself because it is very important! !

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