Haha yeah that’s only because I’m a certified idiot. Don’t worry citizen, I have a glittery certificate around here somewhere that proves my thesis

Holy cow I just realized that I put ask BLOG closed and not ask BOX in that last post

Ya’ll need to say something cause i would not have ever noticed

ASK BOX is closed not blog omg

Ask Box Closed~

The dreaded day has come. The day I actually have to close my ask box!
It will re-open soon !! v o v)/

Anonymous asked: Not an ask just an admiration on those tags on the previous ask <3 Yes, you are amazing~

oh ha ha, thank  !! If I could tell you a story in the tags i would. Reading tags always sound scandalous in my mind

Anonymous asked: Wait, why weren't you wearing panties under your dress?

*he ripped out if those too* *Alfred didn’t and he’s still very very upset about it among other things* *I wouldn’t bring it up to him anymore*

kitsunechan06fan asked: It'll be okay darling!! *hugs* no need to be sad; you can do it!! (*^▽^*)

; < ;)a Thank, I’ll try to un-sad

*cries intensely* I have to go back to school tomorrow so expect less posts and such.. maybe less than once or twice a week? I’ll have to actually study this time and work before play and it pains my heart 
Thanks for sticking around with me and good luck to everyone going back to school as well!

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He saved his dumb husband from total nudity, but at what cost?
Being a hero is a lot of work.

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Extremely embarrassed and upset Alfred wanted to savagely rip out of his dress too..

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They say that no one ever knows when Anya is joking

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Anya: Pull over soon, we need to put her in her car seat

Amelia: Oh yeah, almost forgot

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Anya: Currently we are in the bushes outside of Mattvey’s apartment.

Amelia: But only cause we need an attack strategy! Mattie won’t just hand over a kid to two chicks he doesn’t know.. Or at least, I don’t think he would..

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The period magic has lifted and set these gals free! The captions tell their story

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Having a loud argument about being a drug lord in an expensive looking car is a good idea.

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