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Oh geeze, I suddenly remember why I never finished the proposal post thing and why i still can’t. I think I could try finishing it again when I come back. Hopefully i’ll have more rigor amirite

The dreaded day has come where I must announce my departure from this blog. But not permanently! I’m not sure how long I’ll be taking this break. Could be 2 weeks could be 10! I’ll still be running my other blogs though, just not this one for various reasons.
Thank you very much for following me and being such nice people! I’ll catch ya’ll on the flip side!

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Anonymous asked: "What's with that little curly hair Juno has?"

SUGARHONEYICEDTEA I FORGOT….. If it’s any consolation, I remember the bow on her head represents Mount McKinley, tallest mountain in the U.S

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Anonymous asked: "Weird question. But what would Juno look like as a boy? O3O"

Not a weird question at all because of course i made a nyo of her and now’s my chance to toss him at you

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Anonymous asked: "H-hi I'm about to marry my fiancé in about a month and I want to treat him right can I have some advice to make him happy?"

! I d-don’t know enough about your fiance to tell you? Things that he likes will make him happy, I’m sure of it. Maybe you can surprise him with one of his more unusual likes that you don’t usually partake in?

A successful day of graduation and photos with family

hey read those captions*cough*

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Ok so I forgot to mention that Alfred graduated on the 11th this month. I’m kinda off schedule and discombobulated but I’ll post some pics anyway. If my laptop mishap didn’t happen we coulda hada graduation party/baby shower/house warming all in one front lawn!
All you woulda found out is that Alfred’s parents are real proud of him and his decisions
Juno dislikes Kiku
and Mattie probably wants to date Kat now thanks to you guys

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Anonymous asked: "Hey guys I know the writer has broken fingers and no laptop to draw on but can you still answer question with typed responses? And if so is Juno potty trained or are you still working on that? Curious because of her former living situation."

Oh man, my fingers are broken!? I’m always the last to know these things. Anyway, she doesn’t have to wear diapers which is good for her parents like just imagine them trying to change her diapers, what a mess! She knows how to ask for the bathroom but she still needs some help. It’s the combination of pant pulling and the “I gotta go” dance.

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Anonymous asked: "I'm afraid it can't be used as a joke. But it isn't necessarily wrong, because Alfred is an English name, so there are no strict rules for that. Saying Fredka would just sound interesting, creative, a bit distracting because of its unusualness."

I gotcha, thank you for sharing with me! n e n)a

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Anonymous asked: "I'm sorry to bring this up again, but I finally realized why Fredka sounded so wrong to me. And I felt like I had to tell you. In diminutives -ka can only be added to a female words (malina-malinka, Juno-Junochka). Male diminutives end with either -ik or -ek. An exception to this rule are a few Russian male names (Ivan-Ivanushka, Pavel-Pashka, Vladimir-Vovka, etc.) Alfred, however, is not a Russian name and will therefore end with -ik, so Fredik, Alfik, Alfredik."

! Oh ok, so like if he were to put the -ka he’d be poking fun at Alfred or something without him realizing? Or would it just be plain wrong?

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who has 2 thumbs and broke her laptop again

*points at self* this gaaal

Transparent for all your tiny transparent Juno needs

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puppyluv1200 asked: "For the Wacom bamboo tablet that you use do you have to plug a USB to the computer"

Mine is usb connected. There’s an option for wireless but it cost $40 more

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Anonymous asked: "Alfred's high school reunion invitation arrived in the mail!"

Their highschool does the 10 year ones. Alfred’s only been out for 5 years. Better luck next time anon 

Alfred: Hmm, well I think I should go apply for a job soon?? Ivan can help me make a resume. It won’t be hard cause seriously, who wouldn’t want to hire me!?